The Big K

No…this is not about illegal drugs….it is the nickname of a good friend. Where in the world did this name come from? To be revealed in a future posting. For now it’s my best friend’s nickname. When Pepe began his career in the travel/tourism industry he worked for an  international airline in groups and sales […]

Pepe vs IZZI– round 2

Late in September of year 1 “it happened”- my first experience with a tropical storm.The news had reported the possibility of this storm so I did have some time to prepare. Not really knowing what to expect and envisioning the worst I headed out to stock up on the basics. Just as we always shopped […]

Feathered friends

The biodiversity in the Yucatan (where the state of Quintana Roo is located) is incredible. As a country Mexico has over 1040 species of birds and in just Quintana Roo & the Yucatan there are 509 species of birds. And NO birdbaths-  at least not here in Playa! Growing up in North Carolina our family always […]