The Big K

No…this is not about illegal drugs….it is the nickname of a good friend. Where in the world did this name come from? To be revealed in a future posting. For now it’s my best friend’s nickname. When Pepe began his career in the travel/tourism industry he worked for an  international airline in groups and sales […]

Breaking Bread

Today a slight pause in the “move to Playa story”….. As a travel consultant who has sold this destination- Cancun/Riviera Maya- for many years, I have come to really love this place. The people, the weather, the beach, food & culture……so many appealing aspects. Travel & Tourism statistics consistently show that the region is one […]

Survey says…..

Very interesting survey results just published by MSN Living about wedding costs. From a sample of 18,000 couples taken in 2012, it was revealed that the average wedding cost is just over $28,000. Let’s look at those figures…. Reception Venue- $12,905 Engagement ring- 5,431 Reception band- 3,084 Photographer- 2,379 Ceremony site- 1,711 Wedding gown- 1,211 […]

French models & insurance apps

I just love the insurance commercial that uses the phrase “They can’t put it on the internet if it’s not true.” It is so funny (funny sad, not funny ha-ha) how many people really believe that. Like most businesses, travel related companies are prominent on the internet. We’ve all seen them – “HURRY HURRY- click […]

Considering a destination wedding?

Why host a destination wedding? Budget– the costs of hosting a destination wedding can be as much as 75% LESS than here in the US. The planning is extremely easy & much less stressful –especially when you have an experienced destination wedding expert. Your guests will be excited- visiting a beautiful location — often adding […]

Wedding WOW factor & the millennial bride…

                                                                            (Photos courtesy of XCARET & El Dorado Royale)   In the 50s, 60s & 70s there were yuppies & baby boomers…. now we have millennials. They are today’s wedding couple–born in the 80s & 90s. Just how are they different from previous generations? Wedding ceremonies and receptions in the past were […]

Mayan Prophecy & urban myths

Phew..that was a close call! Well, not really..but it was certainly fun with all of the speculation & interpretations of the Mayan calendar. What an interesting & advanced culture. So why does the US press/media publish so many negative & inflammatory articles about Mexico? From the headlines & news articles it would appear that there […]